Storing query and database connection in JRXML using iReport

I can add a query to my report with iReport, and at the preview tab the query runs fine, and everything goes well. When exploring th XML code in XML tab, I can find the query. However, I am not able to locate where the database connection properties. Is there any idea about how I can embed the data connection properties into the JRXML?

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2 Answers:

Data connection is not included in the jrxml. This is a feature that enables JasperReports jrxml to be portable to different environment.

For example, when the jrxml created on Jaspersoft Studio is saved to JasperReports Server, it may be using a different data connection but the jrxml still is OK.

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If you publish your report to the server, and export the report file, you will get a zip file. In this zip file you can find a separate xml file defining the data source.

Data source won't be stored in the main.jrxml file.

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