Charts from Reports on Dashboard without Scrollbars

I want to have several charts from Reports in an Dashboard.

The charts are all on their own Report with just the chart in the Summary-Band in it. If I insert the Report in the Dashboard the chart is visible, but with scollbars in it. 
So I have the posibility to scroll down in a white area, but I don't want to have it. If I scale the Report on the hight or on the Dashlet the chart is just in a small area and not realy readable. 

I thought about the size of the Reports page, but if i scale it to the size of the chart, the Report can't be displayed anymore because the limit value of the measure exceeded. 

Do you have an idea how I can show the charts of the Reports without scrollbars in an adapted way? 

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1 Answer:

Hi Jannick,

This one can be annoying for sure and I am afraid you have only two options,

- play with the report/charts size in your local studio report and try various sizes, a bit of a hit and trial situation. Try strecth to context area/width/height options on your report.

- create reports directly on server and add them to dashboard (at least good view is guaranteed there). But that depends if the reports can be created on jasper server since it is quite limited in its report creation functionality compared to studio.

Hope that helps.

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