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I'm working in french and I would like to show the date in a report with the full month like this.

DATEFORMAT($P{start_date},"d MMMM")

When I preview the report in jasper studio, it appears in french but when I publish the report on jasper server, the month is in english.

My jasper server 6.3 is showing in french.

Do you know why ?

Thank you

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try to use the expression below to explicitly specify required locale:

new SimpleDateFormat("d MMMM", Locale.FRANCE).format( $P{start_date} )

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asimkin - 2 years 8 months ago

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Hi you can set the local on report level by using the REPORT_LOCALE. 

When you sign into jasper server, just under the password you can set "Show locale & time zone" to fr. 
You can set the default locale for jasper server through jasper property files
or if you doing a rest call to generate report, just user the locale property at end of rest url to set given locale to fr. 

Some way to do it, just depends on your solution outcome. 

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