Error in Jasper server report

I am new to JasperReport and Jasper Studio. I created a report in jasper studio successfully using the data from the local database.Then I connected to the jasper server and I published the report to jasper server Report.On publishing time in report Publishing wizard I selected the local Data Source.And I selected my JDBC DataAdapter.And Success message displayed.I can see that report in Jasper Sever. But when I tried to open it following error message displayed.

Error Message

There was an error on the server. Try again or contact site administrators. (Error UID: 533629eb-8bf7-4638-8c6b-0ea910e8838f)

What is the actual reason behind this error?. And how can I solve this problem?.'s picture
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1 Answer:

It's because you've selected to use local datasource. Database may have access restrictions based on ip address so it may not be accessible from JasperReports Server.

Try manually creating a datasource from JasperReports server before uploading your report and specify that datasource when uploading it.

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