Compare requirements with Jaspersoft ETL Community Edition


Hello Community,

i am looking for a free ETL Tool and found Jaspersoft ETL Community Edition.
Now I want to compare this tool with my requirements.
I know that a free tool cant fulfill all requirements but i need them to compare different Tools.
For the following requirements I found no answers, so i hope you can help me
Ist enough when you just answer with yes or no.

Does the tool have:
- a web Service connector
- Version controle System
- customize/build extensions
- python Interface

- regex parsing tool
- good Debugging capabilities
- ability to embed Code (for example Java)
- data Quality & profiling capabilities?

You would help me a lot!

Thank You

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1 Answer:


Jaspersoft ETL is just Talend Open Studio. Better to ask your question at the Talend forum instead of here.

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