Dev and Prod Instances of Jaspersoft

I want to have developers create charts, reports and dashboards on a local instance of Jaspersoft and then copy them into the master instance after testing them.  How can I do that?

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Thank you hosawa,

The Import/Export is what I was looking for.

I don't know the tool well enough yet .  I need to export/import entire dashboards.  Does that work through JasperReports import/export.  Or is that somethiing different?

BTW - I have just downloaded the Eval version and didn't know what tag I should choose

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2 Answers:

You've tagged you question as "Jaspersoft Studio" but if you are using JasperReports Server and want to copy reports on dev instance to prod instance, do an export and import from dev to prod.

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If you are trying to sync up multiple versions of Jaspersoft Studio, this is more of an Eclipse question, because the underlying environment for Jaspersoft Studio is Eclipse and you will be using Eclipse functionality for this, not Jasper functionality.  You can find Eclipse communities here:

You can use Eclipse with a number of version control packages, and that might be the best way to go.  We do have a little bit about Eclipse perspectives for version control in this topic, however, you should look at the Eclipse documentation and community for more information:

If you want developers to create reports in JSS and publish them to JRS, there is a whole chapter in the JSS user guide.

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