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we have jasper server runnging with a postgres DB on a amazon RDS system.

Now I would like to backup the DB periodically. (I would like to use the backup for the TEST system which is updated from time to time)

Both systems run with jasper 6.4

Now my question is:

I know there are backup/restore scripts available in "buildomatic" and they are capable of taking over this job. (these are very helpful when migrating from 6.2 to 6.4)

But for me to understand: Would it be sufficient to pg_dump and pg_restore the entire database  ? Means all data is kept within the database and nowhere else on the system.


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1 Answer:


I think the best you can do is to make an export from inside jasperserver web application.

This backup is arch independent and restore is very easy, just import from the same place.




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