Please help with creating new adhoc view

Hi all


I posted this a while ago but still cannot figure out what to do.. PLEASE someone help me


I am new to all this but reasonably technical capable


I have created a new datasource, tested connection ok

created a new domain using one table and a couple of fields

I am trying to create a new adhoc view and can select the datasource and layout the two fields selected

the ubderlying data is displayed... BUT.. the save button is grayed out... why?? (thats the second button in the row)


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Hi George, 

I have never seen this issue but I know sometimes when upgrading, for example, I need to empty cache and do a hard refresh on the page or I have some buttons not working.

In Google Chrome when I open the developer tool for a tab I can then right-click on the reload button and do "Empty cache and hard reload".

Can you try and let me know if this works?

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thanks for the suggestion... i tried this in chrome but cannot do a hard reload rightclick does nothing and a refresh does nothing 

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What kind of report are you making? For some report types (maybe crosstab), I think you have to have three fields to make something happen.

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i have stepped through the process again from the start and ensured that i selected 5 fields from the table... i tried crosstab table and chart and the save button is grayed out... i raised a query with support and the explanation is that you can only create adhoc query if you have paid to use the product... see the explanation:


It was great talking with you yesterday. I checked with one of our experts and the reason why the 'Save' button is grayed out is that that feature is indeed part of the Professional, Enterprise, or Reporting commercial editions of Jaspersoft, not included in the Community version.


More information on what capabilities are available on each edition can be found here:


If you are interested in finding more about those, let us know and we'd be happy to assist you.


Kind regards,


Ivan Obarski | Business Development Executive UK & Nordics


  • so Im going to start a new topic asking for suggestions of hoto use the community product to create reports... because i have no budget for this....


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