Custome or Dynamic Datasource for jasper Reports

Dear jasper master ,

I am new to jasper

In our organization we calling jasper server from another server by making call from java

url =""+encodeURIComponent(repName)+"&decorate=no&j_username=emr_"+userName+"&j_password=emr_"+passWord+"&viewAsDashboardFrame=false ";

here we are passing

url for jasper server and user name and password.

like that can i pass data source name or Db name and

Main problem is we have so many users more than 300 Clints  and having diff DB s based on the user we need to give Data source so i want pass db name and host name from the above url and based on that user custom data source should give that data .

please help me  to create custom data sources using url parameters or how to store url parameters in jasper server



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4 Answers:

I dont think this is possible with the jasper server. 

But this requirement can be achieved with the jasper api. 

try opening a connection in your java class based on the client and then using the jasper api fill the jrxml template dynamically. 

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This may not be exactly what you want but did you try setting user attributes in datasource definition.

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Thanks for your reply  User lelvel attributes worked for me




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 hi rajasekhar_1,

   Have you find any solution for this one.

   if you find any solution can you please provide me the solution. i am also facing same issue in my project.


Thanks & Regards

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