REST API Export remove Column headers not working

I have a report that span over several pages.(data is in a table component within said report in the summary band). In the jrxml i have excluded for XLSX export the column header from all pages except the first page.

<property name="" value="columnHeader"/>

When i export from the interface by selecting Export as XLSX button, the export is as intended. Collumn header is only at the top of first page and all report is exported in one sheet as intended

When i export from REST API by calling https://jasper_home_path/jasperserver-pro/rest_v2/reports/<report_path/Report_Name.xslx   this specific formatting is ignored and i get all data in the same sheet, however the column headers that are supposed to be supressed from each page, appeat in the excel sheet.where the new page would start in the report.

How can i fix this?


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you may need to play with 'ignorePagination' and/or 'onePagePerSheet' parameters in the call:

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asimkin - 5 years 8 months ago

Hi Andrew,

Your suggestion was correct. It was acctually more accurate than the one in the documentation.

To future readers: Please note, in the 6.4 documentation(link above) the parameter is defined as 'ignorepagination' this is not correct it should be with capital P as suggested by Andrew. In short to achive my purpose one should use in the URL:


Alex42 - 5 years 8 months ago

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