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Using JasperReports Server v6.4 I created two ad-hoc views that take a String and Date as a filter.

I added the two filters to the Dashboard for user input and am able to apply those inputs to both dashlets without any issues. 

I also established a hyperlink between the two dashlets using the 'Enable chart hyperlinks' option in the properties dialog of the first chart, and I set it to pass the String and Date to the second chart when the user clicks on a data point. However, when the user clicks on a data point, I get an error saying that I need to specify a valid type for type TimestampRange.

Is there a way to pass dates from one dashlet to the other?


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This may be a bit late but I have found a work around.

Instead of using a Date, Datetime, or Timestamp data type field for the "date", use a String data type. If you're using a SQL query for the topic, just use:


From all the research I've done, I've noticed that date data types are automatically converted to a different format that isn't liked by other input controls/filters.

Pass the String version of the date into the date filter/input control and it should work.

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I think this may be related to an open defect (ref JS-32296 Chart Hyperlinks not working for Date field) where the problem relates to data format passed from one dashlet to another. Sorry...unable to provide any further info re any workarounds.

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