Standalone java class not working in Jasper scriptlent

I want the docx document with the following things as in MS word document
   1)Header and footer(edit of this should be applicable to all pages)
   2)Edit a cell of table should rearrange the table size and page numbers.

So,I have created standlone java class to generate docx file with global header and footer using Apache POI 3.16. But when i try to import the same class in japser scriptlet i am getting error 'Error loading scriptlet class'.

Can anyone explain, is there any limitations to load jar files in scriptlet or what types of java class/jar files (like classes having return statement) can be used in jasper scriptlet.

Or how can i use the standalone document write class file in jasper. If it is not possible is there any alternate ways to achieve the same output?

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1 Answer:

Probably because JasperReports itself is using Apache POI 3.15 so you have version conflict.

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