Jasper throwing error when no data is rendered by the query

I have a query to display errors occured in the last 5 days in a test case(assume), some times i dont get any error. and in this situation when i try to generate a error details as usual,

JasperServer is throwing an error stating"Error executing SQL query" but doesnt throw any error when run through jasper Studio


Anyone have faced similar situation!! Appreciate help on this..


Note: i tired using when no data property but of no use.

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Can you post your stack trace? I haven't hit this error before.

darth_fader - 6 years 2 months ago

1 Answer:

JasperReports Server and Jaspersoft Studio has a differing set of error conditions. Jaspersoft Studio will render a page even when there's no data while JasperReports Server will not. These products are developed by different teams and when I contacted Jaspersoft before, it seems both thinks their way of processing is correct and will not change.
When using JasperReports Server, make sure the sql statement returns at least 1 row.

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