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Hi ,

I've been working on Studio and Jasper server. I've not understand the idea of using Jasper studio with server pro. Pro is more flexible and easy and studio is mmmmm let's say it okay but not friendly.

I'm trying to figure out the difference in both of them,why do i need both of them can somebody explain me why.


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If you have the commercial version of the server and you can builld the reports you want with Ad Hoc, then the server is enough.  If you are using the evaluation license, then Ad Hoc will no longer be available when the evaluation expires. What Studio gets you:

  • You can manually build reports for free (though some features are still reserved for commercial editions)
  • You have far more control over your reports and can use more types of data sources, have subreports, more control over hyperlinks, add barcodes, and so forth.
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Jaspersoft Studio and JasperReports Server are two different products. Jaspersoft Studio is a report designer to create pixel perfect reports including components such as barcodes, images, hyperlinking, custom fonts, custom logic, conditional logic, conditional styles, etc.

JasperReports Server is a web server that's able to manage reports. Pro version has Adhoc reporting capability to create simple reports from a web browser but it's nowhere near pixel perfect.

However, if you need to have a pixel perfect report available on your web browser, you can create report template (jrxml file) with Jaspersoft Studio and upload the template to JasperReports Server.

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