How to download a JRXML from a JasperReports Server?

I would like to know how to download a JRXML from a Jasper Server using links.

When I look at the JRXML Resource Editor in the JasperStudio, it is written the Parent Folder like: /(Folder Name)/(Report Name)_files

When I look at the report in the JasperServer, it is listed in the path like: /root/(Folder Name)/(Report Name)_files

I need to have a link that will allow me access to the JRXML file via web address. But typing (Server Address)/jasperserver/root/(Folder Name)/(Report Name)_files/(JRXML File).jrxml yields a 'file not found' page. I need to know the JRXML file location via web.

Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers:

Links are changed when you upload the jrxml file from Jaspersoft Studio to JasperReports Server so the jrxml file on the server will have  /root/(Folder Name)/(Report Name)_files. You can connect Jaspersoft Studio to JasperReports Server and open jrxml files but all links will have been changed. Therefore, if you want to have the original jrxml, you just have to keep a copy. 

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For anyone looking to download a JRXML file from a JasperReportServer.  Connect to the server using Jasper Studio > goto the report you want to download > click export.

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