Multi-language PDF Exports

I know this has been dealt with before, but not recently as far as I can determine, and I'm hoping to get some more up to date information than what is already available.

We're attempting to support the PDF export of reports that may contain data in any combination of Western Europe, Central Europe and Asian languages within the same report.  We have a list of the languages that must be supported.  Using the Arial Unicode MS font seems seems to work for this, but it is a very expensive per server option and is limited in terms of font styles. 

We've been looking at the Google Noto Sans fonts combined into a font set as a possible solution, and I'm wondering if anyone has had success with this, and what was done to make it work.  One of the issues we've had is the fact that the CJK (Asian) fonts are .otf files rather .ttf, and .otf is not listed as a supported file type.  Another issue is that is seems to make a difference is how the fonts are ordered within the font set as to which languages work and which don't.  Has anyone tried this approach?  Is there any reason why it couldn't work?  Is it worth pursuing further?
We're currently running v.6.2.2 on Java 6, which may be a factor with .otf fonts, but would consider upgrading to the current version if necessary.
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Font handling in JapserReports and Studio was improved in 6.3. The Studio documentation is here, including an example of creating and using a font set and uploading it to the server:


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FYI, there are otf to ttf convertors so it shouldn't be a problem. Noto Sans fonts are fine but they are rather large in file size but since you're going to be using several languages in a document, that probably can't be helped.

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We we have successfully used NotoSansCJK and NotSans with jasper report 6.3 version. We are having some problem with NotoSnasCJK in Adobe reader (Foxit works fine) but other than that, we are pretty happy.

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