To get started with labels and QR-code


I have a java server software, now I would like to get started with labels (QR-codes).

Could you help me on my route here, were can I get started - how should I think ?

Today we are running most services over a RESTful-API and that would be the preferred way when using a product from jaspersoft,

Am I able to do that ( request : I send a text , response : i receive an QR-code image )

Best regards, ink


all tips are welcome, tutorials, course and books and blogs :)


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1 Answer:

JasperReports supports QR codes so you just have to place the barcode component in your report layout.

Writing your own servlet that uses JasperReports is very easy but if you don't know how to program, you can just use JasperReports Server and use it's REST API. Just read the REST API documentation on how to retrieve a report with a GET.

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