How to use a column in a table as a source value for parameter binding in dashlets?


I have an ad hoc table that returns a distinct list of items that i would like to use as a value to bind to for a filter on a second table of detailed information (in a dashboard). I only see examples where the ad hoc view is configured as a chart to do this. When I view properties for the dashlet of a table, there is no extra tab with properties for binding.

Is this possible with tables instead and if so, what's the trick? 

I'm using Jaspersoft 6.3 on AWS.



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1 Answer:


The closest I can think of is to use Topics, but topics uses jrxml file instead of another Adhoc.


If you just want to drill down from a table in adhoc reports (not adhoc views), you can just hyperlink adhoc reports. ("Input Control Parameters for Reports and Dashboards" section)


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