Jasperserver Reports Performance Issue

We are running into performance issues while the adhoc report is being loaded.

The adhoc view however is faster.

These are the following configuration changes tried out:

Swap File Virtualizer

Heap Size of 10GB

Compression of  HTTP responses at tomcat


To generate a report on 173420 (checked by running the query on redshift) it takes close to 12 minutes.
Is there anything we are doing wrong ?
Jasperserver version : Product Version: 6.1

Build: 20150527_1447

Product Edition: Professional for AWS



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2 Answers:

Adhoc Report may be faster if you're limiting the amount of data processed.



I've tried several things with JasperReports Server and the sure performance gain is by reducing the number of rows processed.

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not sure which version you are relating to (especially also this of the JDK used), though since we (with JS Reports Server 6.2.1) switched

from the ConcMarkSweepGC to GC1 we do see a massive performance improvement in general (GC1 can be used starting with JDK 8).

The back side is, that once an ad hoc report/view has not been used for a while (hours, days), it takes some minutes to initally see any output.

Once it's "loaded" the subsequent access of this ad hoc report / view is fast again.

Now we are trying to identify what causes the "offload" and how make it not to happen - feedback from your guys is very appreciated!




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