Report application (using Jasper API) should deploy on App Server(Tomcat) or Standalone Java application

We are planning to use Dynamic jasper API 5.0.7 (without Jasper Server) to generate the report in PDF/XLS format. Requirement is to run 15 reports concurrenly as backend process. One report took approx 2 GB RAM.

We are in dilemma to decide whether we should doploy this as war file on Application server (Tomcat) or .jar file as standalone java application. Can someone from expert group please suggest me, what should be the right approach (Application server OR Standalone Java batch) And Why?

Thanks in Advance.

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Thanks Hozawa for your response and i agree not to use war file but another challenge is load balancing if we don't go with Apache/Tomcat.

What would be your recommended way for load balancing if we deploy this as jar file? because we are planning to run 60 reports concurrently in four servers depends on load or number of report.

What would be your logical design if we need to run 60 reports concurrently on 4 servers? and how much memory we should plan per server?

Please suggest.

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1 Answer:

I've found out that it is much faster not to run reports on Tomcat. Tomcat has a benefit of being able to have web interfaces so they can be executed from the web browser but it's possible to use something like embedded jetty and not use war files. 

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