Running Jaspersoft Studio Professional on a VMware Workstation - Know of any Tips/Tricks?

Our developers use Jaspersoft Studio Professional (v6.3.0) on VMware workstations (Win7 Ultimate) and on occasion, sometimes a bit more frequently than we'd like, the IDE becomes unresponsive or throws an Out of Memory error.  We've since learned to tweak the startup params to increase the heap size available to Eclipse, however, we still have issues with the IDE becoming unresponsive.  This behavior is exhibited across multiple virtualized workstations and I was wondering if anyone is aware of any other tips/tricks related to Eclipse configuration (running in a virtualized env) that could benefit our developers.   Thanks!

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1 Answer:

FYI, It's not a problem with using it on VMWare. It's happens when running directly on PCs' OS.

It seems to happen after using datasource several times. It doesn't happen too much when I'm just designing report layout without doing any preview.


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