Centos 6.6 Build Failed

JasperServer 5.6.0 Release on CentOS 6.6, JDK1.7, trying to install for mysql.

I run ./js-install-ce.sh  but build fails with this error

/opt/jasperreports-server-cp-5.6.0-bin/buildomatic/bin/setup.xml:320: java.lang.InternalError...

Line 320 appear to be : <create-ks ks="${ks}" ksp="${ksp}" propsFile="${masterPropsSource}"/>

Stack trace gives some hint at a security problem:

...at com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.crypto.KeystoreManager.generateSecret..

MySQL is up and running and user/pwd are correct


Any help greatly appreciated!




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1 Answer:

CentOS 6.6 may not have been supported by JasperReports Server 5.6.0. Recommend that you version up to JasperReports Server 6.x

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