Jaspersoft ETL as Real-Time Data Integration tool


We're evaluating different tools to achieve real-time (or almost real-time) data integration. We basically need to move data from a system (persisted in an Oracle DB) to another system (another Oracle DB) applying different transformation rules in the process. Could you tell me if it is possible with Jaspersoft ETL to do the following:

1. Have data from certain table fields end up in different fields in the destination schema v.g.: destination.table1.field1=source.table1.field7

2. Have data end up in a table field, or another, depending on values of other  table fields v.g.: if source.table1.field1='A' then destination.table1.field1=source.table1.field1 ; if source.table1.field1='B' then destination.table1.field1=source.table1.field2

3. Have data discarded/'transformation omitted' depending on values of table fields v.g.: if DESTINATION.table1.field1='A' then DO NOT DO destination.table1.field7=source.table1.field7

4. Apply mathematical transformations/functions to the original values v.g.: destination.table1.field1=source.table1.field7*7

5. Apply format conversions to the original values v.g.: destination.table1.field1=substring(source.table1.field7*7,.........)

6. Run job(s) whenever a predefined group of origin table fields change and apply the rules only to the changed rows. I know the commercial version supports real-time integration but do not know about the details

I know these are very specific questions/requirements so thanks very much in advance for your answers and/or any suggestions.

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2 Answers:

Jaspersoft ETL is just Talend Open Studio. Talend Open Studio is just graphic Java so you really can do pretty much with it.


1. yes

2. yes

3. yes

4. yes

5. yes

6. I think Talend had a different product to do this.


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Hozawa, thank you very much for your detailed answer.

I came up with information about Jaspersoft commercial edition supporting real-time data synchronization (http://community.jaspersoft.com/home?qt-jf-home-tabs=2#qt-jf-home-tabs) and also about how to use Talend Studio and Change Data Capture (CDC)... I guess it's called Talend Open Studio for Data Integration.

Does anyone, by chance, know about any paper/article published benchmarking the performance of Jaspersoft ETL and/or Talend Studio in these types of scenarios?... in our case we'll probably have a high number of modifications per second (in the source database) and would be nice to know how fast we can expect to have the information synchronyzed.


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