How do I add a CSV datasource in Japser Server?


Hello, I am trying to publish a report to a jasper server that uses a CSV file as a datasource. In jasper studio I am able to create a csv data adapter for my api which returns a csv file at a URL. How can I add this url as a csv data source so I can use this report on my server? When adding a datasource I only see these options:

Any help on the matter would be appreciated.


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1 Answer:


The best way to do this is to delete your uploaded report,  go back to studio and set your CSV datasource as the default data adapter.  Then when you upload again, you should be able to upload the adapter along with the report. 

See this topic for info on setting a default data adapter.  Then when you upload, select "no data source" and the adapter should come along and set itself.

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