How do I define some filters in a dashboard with a constant values?

Hi all, I made a report with data from some devices that send realtime data on a database. This report displays the data for a single machine and contains a parameter that corresponds to the identifier of the machine. I would like to place n-times this report within a dashboard with a fixed mapping of parameters for each identifier (e.g. machineOne for first report, machineTwo for second report, etc..). How can I achieve this? I have also verified that the definition of filters to a dashboard gives me the opportunity to "create a new filter". Can I use this function? There are examples of this? Thanks!
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2 Answers:

You Dashlets consists of Ad hoc reports or jrxml reports? 
Is you dashboard inbedded in another application of will user use jasperserver directly. 
If embedded your front end integration with jasper filters can default to what ever machine identifier is selected.

All I can think of is to create parameters with if statements. 
If  machine identifier is 1 then value A else if 2 then B. You will then do this for each parameter, which will then defualt to your identifier value. You mention the mapping are fixed to should work, if Dynamic then I guess you need to take another approach. 


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Hi, my dashlet contain a simple jrxml report. My goal is to make a single report via the parameter works for all devices without having to duplicate the report. I found a solution by placing a web page that contains fixed parameter in the URL, it is right? (e.g. http://localhost:8080/....?machineID=1) Thanks again!!

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