Cross Browser Issue in running dashboards


I have used Jaspersoft Commercial edition.
I have created a report in Jaspersoft Studio, and published it on server and used it to create a Dashboard. It is a pretty straight forward report with few image links and a table structure. 
The issue which I am facing is that when I try to run the dashboard in Google Chrome, then on the first load the dashboard runs fine and loads up everything, but then when I try to apply the filters on the dashboard then I am facing issue of infinite loading. I tried to check what the issue was in Dashboard, I found the issue in jive.js file and the error was - 
jive.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: o.remove is not a function
What is strange is that, if I try to the standalone report on server not in dashboard then everything his working absolutely fine.
If I am trying to run the same report in other browsers, like Safari and Firefox then everything is running fine.
Can you please help to resolve the issue.
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