Custom Domain size: how big is too big?

What restrictions or best-practices should be adhered to when constructing a custom Domain?  In other words: "How big is too big"?  As long as it is manageable by a human, how much can the system handle? 

Questions I've considered:

  • Number of joins?
  • Number of Tables or Derived Tables?
  • Number of Sets and Displayed Fields?
  • Datasource type / technology limitations?
  • Computer specification or powere needed?  (client- or server-side)
  • When will Views and Reports become unusable or unstable?
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I should use Jaspersoft ETL to build a datasource, then point reports to that (instead of a Domain)?

michael.buono - 6 years 3 weeks ago

1 Answer:

I think it mostly depends on response time when using the domain. This depends on the server performance, network performance, and datasource performance. I personally don't recommend using domain because of memory usage and performance. I just create a new table using Jaspersoft ETL (Talend ETL) and use that because disk space is very cheap nowadays.

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