iReport General Issue null, When JavaBeanDataSource depends on Hibernate


In my project, I try to work with Hibernate, get the data in a class, and then put it in a JRBeanCollectionDataSource and work with the data in iReport.

While creating Java Bean DataSource in iReport I'm getting an error message as General Problem NULL.

I'm sure the issue is while getting the Session Factory, because if I comment the part in which I'm working with Hibernate code, and add a dummy value to my collection, the iReport datasource connection test is successful!

But on opening just one line code which gets Hibernate Session, The problem starts.


Adding code snippet of my Collection Retrieval Method:-

listMapping = handlerObj.getMappingMap(); for(HashMap loopMap : listMapping) { EmployeeAllocationReportBean beanObj = new EmployeeAllocationReportBean(); reportRows.add(beanObj); } return reportRows;

Adding code snippet from Handler Method (getMappingMap()) which uses Hibernate codes:-,>

mapperDAOOj = new ProjectEmployeeMapperDAO(); //This line is causing problem empObj = mapperDAOOj .getEmployee();

Please help.

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1 Answer:


There's a Hibernate sample at the following page.

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