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  1. Hi, Thanks for posting your query. We reviewed your case and we have following options to handle your requirement: 1) Export your JRXMLs from the current Jaspersoft Studio 7 version and upload them to the latest version. We understand you do not want to pick this option because your files are not on a folder on disk, but rather in the DB. However, maybe there is a way for you to import/export them from/to filesystem and DB. 2) You can avoid the migration if you move to JasperReports Library Professional/commercial version. This version is not released yet but is planned to be released soon. This distribution of our software will have the ability to work with older file formats. It will also offer APIs to programatically process report template files, but this would require you to write some code to leverage such feature, although it would not be actually required, as mentioned. 3) Stay with your current version of Library and Studio. I hope this helps. Teodor
  2. There is no more schema validation in the new JRXML syntax. What exactly do you need this for? Thank you, Teodor
  3. Release 7 has been merged into master branch. We like to keep it clean and have only master branch and release tags. Please recreate your pull request against the master branch or the 7.0.0 tag. Thank you, Teodor
  4. In JasperReports Library, there are only 3 features that are related/impacted by the so-called Jakarta Migration: - servlets - EJBQL query executer - Hibernate query executer Are you using the JasperReports Library servlets in your own application? Do you have reports having EJB queries or Hibernate queries? If you are not using any of those, than you can use existing JasperReports Library releases for your Tomcat 10 deployment. Please let us know if it does not work. Jakarta support for these 3 features requires extracting them from the core library and offering 2 implementations of them: one for non-Jakarta and the new one for Jakarta. This project of splitting is a work in progress that happens in the release-7.0.0 branch of the library which is published here: https://github.com/TIBCOSoftware/jasperreports/tree/release-7.0.0 Snapshots of the upcoming JRL7 artifacts can be found in our public Maven repository here: https://jaspersoft.jfrog.io/ui/native/jr-ce-snapshots/net/sf/jasperreports/ I hope this helps. Teodor
  5. You should attach your JRXML here so that we could see what could be wrong with it. It is highly unlikely someone would create the JRXML you need from scratch for you.
  6. Can you attach the source JRXML to this post?
  7. Resources are loaded from repository implementations, which can be added to the engine as extensions. So instead of using a custom URL handler, you need to implement a custom repository to load your images from. I hope this helps. Teodor
  8. Fixed at https://github.com/TIBCOSoftware/jasperreports/commit/2cc50475bcc0d777eb18299d266a0596ffc49b84
  9. What is the export format presenting the problem? Is the report viewed in HTML format or PDF format?
  10. Hi, We do not have a precise date for JasperReports 7 release. It is still months away. If you want to use Java 17, you can do that even with JasperReports 6.21.0, and if you need Jakarta servlets, you can copy the ones we have in the library, change the package names inside and use yours. Does not make sense to wait just for that. If you do use other Jakarta related APIs such as our EJBQL query executer or our Hibernate query executer, than that indeed is more complicated and you cannot migrate them on your own easily. I hope this helps. Teodor
  11. I did not suggest to use ISO-8859-1, which is Latin1. I suggested to use Identity-H. I hope this helps. Teodor
  12. Hi, Have you tried to specify <pdfEncoding>Identity-H</pdfEncoding> for your font families? I hope this helps. Teodor
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