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  1. its not working added cusom font in jasperreports-fonts-6.0.0.jar, made entry in font.xml, jasperreports_extension.properties placed the above jar file in jasperserverWEB-INFlib. restart server , Font is not working
  2. getting Message when trying to open a pdf: A font package is required to correctly display this page. Click "OK" to direct your browser to download the add-on from adobe.com. After installation, you will need to close and re-open the document to correctly view contents dependent on these newly installed fonts.
  3. Can you share the latest Jar file related to Fonts, basically we need pdf file should work without updating Font package in Acrobat Reader DC. currently we packed "jasperreports-fonts-6.0.0.jar" with required chinese Fonts (EUDC, Simsun) and deployed in server. upon pdf file generation, its probpting in Acrobat Reader to update Font package. we dont want to update the Reader
  4. Jasper Report .1 will support Java Version 8 only. that too oracle edition it wont work with Open JDK. please correct me if am wrong.
  5. have you kept that jar file in server/web-inf/lib folder ?
  6. we have migrated to 7.1 and server is up and running. able to view the report. but we are facing issue with deploying JRXML, input control and sub-reports. apart from this , we have some issue with Fonts, alignment , exporting as CSV file are not proper.
  7. Add "jasperreports-fonts-6.0.0.jar" file in your class path. it will work update the required Font file in jasperreports-fonts-6.0.0.jar and add Entry in "jasperreports_extension.properties" also add entry in fonts.xml . erstart the server . issue will be solved
  8. Can you share the code , how you are calling the REST service
  9. yes this is the only way for Jasper Report 7.1 there is no proper documentation/api method details
  10. Hi , I need one help related with Jasper report 7.1 REST api. we are migrating from 3.1 to 7.1 (Migration, Jasperserver setup everything is fine) i need help , how to use REST api service to deploy JRXML files(reports, sub-reports) we are using Java 1.8 for this . which class/method is being used for this .
  11. this solution is not working in Jasper Report 7.1.0 version
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