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  1. Dear Team, Following are the process flow which I used for creating the new user, roles & permission. New user created as "TEST_USER". New role created as "ROLE_TEST". Giving the "READ ONLY" permission for /public/Samples/himes folder & /public/Samples/himes/Rpt_AdHoc_DMUH_Dept report file. /opt/jasperreports-server-7.1.0/apache-tomcat/webapps/jasperserver-pro/WEB-INF/jsp/modules/home - Copy the file homeForDemo.jsp and rename it homeForTest.jsp. Following changes done in this file. <iframe id="outerFrame" class="outerDashboardFrame" name="Dashboard" allowtransparency="true" align="center" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" frameborder="0" height="99.5%" width="100%" scrolling="no" src="${pageContext.request.contextPath}/flow.html?_flowId=dashboardRuntimeFlow&dashboardResource=/public/Samples/Dashboards/Dashboard_DMUH_Dept&decorate=no& hidden_isJasperAnalysis=<%=LicenseManager.getInstance().checkLicense()&&LicenseManager.getInstance().isProductFeatureSupported(LicenseManager.ANALYSIS_FEATURES)?"true":"false"%>"></iframe>[/code]Following changes are done in this /opt/jasperreports-server-7.1.0/apache-tomcat/webapps/jasperserver-pro/WEB-INF/jsp/modules/home/home.jsp <authz:authorize ifallgranted="ROLE_DEMO"> <%@ include file="homeForDemo.jsp" %></authz:authorize><authz:authorize ifallgranted="ROLE_TEST|organization_1"> <jsp:include page="homeForTest.jsp"> </jsp:include></authz:authorize><authz:authorize ifnotgranted="ROLE_DEMO"> <authz:authorize ifnotgranted="ROLE_TEST|organization_1"> <jsp:include page="homeForNonDemo.jsp"/> </authz:authorize></authz:authorize>[/code]After completing all the above, restarted the Jasper server. Logged IN as "Test_User" - But no permission is available. Alert message as "You do not have permission to view this page." Note: I have attached the home.jsp file & homeForTest,jsp for the reference.
  2. Hi, Already the report is available in the PUBLIC folder. Still the same. Note: Im calling the jasper report from my PHP application. Now If any customer joins, then Im recreating the same reports which is already exist for another customer. How to call the jasper report by passing the DataSource as parameter/arguments from PHP application? Could you please assist on this?
  3. Dear Team, Im trying to find the solution for the following case. For Ex: Lets consider I have Rpt1 which is already available for customer1. Now I need to use the same report for Customer 2 & Customer 3 as well without recreating & republishing the same report. Now Im calling the jasper report from my PHP application. Whenever customer joins, then Im recreating the same reports which is already exist for another customer. Note: 1. Both customer 1 & customer 2 are in Same SQL Instance & Same Jasper server as well. 2. Already the report is available in the PUBLIC folder. Still the same. 3. How to call the jasper report by passing the DataSource as parameter/arguments from PHP application? Please let us know if any solution for this. Regards, Prakash R
  4. Hi Team, I tried to sort the month names in Adhoc View Chart, but i couldn't able to do this. Please suggest me how to sort the month name in Adhoc View Chart Jasper server. Regards, Prakash R
  5. Hi Team, I am in the process of creating the AdHoc View reports with Input Control. Here is my work flow... 1. Created the DataSource (DS1). 2. Created the Domain (Dmn1) using DS1 datasource. While creating the domain, renamed the field name from Patient_Payment_Type_Serial_No to Patient_Payment_Type_Serial_No1. 3. Created the AdHoc View (AV1) along with Jasper Server Report(Rpt1) using Dmn1 domain. 4. Created the Input Control (IC1) using DS1 datasource. 5. Using the report edit option, adding the input control (IC1) to the Rpt1 report. 6. After all these steps done. While running the Rpt1 report, Im getting the input control as filter option. But report is not taking the input control filter option. Pleas suggest me how to sort out this issue.. Awaiting for your reply.......!!!!!! For reference : Domain Created with below mentioned Query: select PPT.Patient_Payment_Type_Serial_No ,PPT.Patient_Payment_Type_Code , Count(Distinct VB.Patient_Visit_Basic_Details_Serial_No) as Visit_Count from Patient_Bill_Header BH Inner Join Patient_Bill_Detail_Services_Packages_Resources_Drugs BD On BH.Patient_Bill_Header_Serial_No=BD.Bill_Header_Serial_No Inner Join Patient_Visit_Services VS On VS.Patient_Visit_Services_Serial_No=BD.Patient_Visit_Services_Serial_No Inner Join Patient_Visit_Basic_Details VB On VB.Patient_Visit_Basic_Details_Serial_No=VS.Patient_Visit_Basic_Details_Serial_No Inner Join Patient_Payment_Types PPT On VB.Patient_Payment_Type_Serial_No=PPT.Patient_Payment_Type_Serial_No Where VB.Visit_Cancellation_Flag='N' and VB.Active_Status='A' and BD.Service_Resource_Drug_Cancellation_Flag='N' and BD.Active_Status='A' And BH.Bill_Cancellation_Flag='N' and CAST(BH.Bill_Date as date) Between '2018-01-01' and '2018-10-31' Group By PPT.Patient_Payment_Type_Serial_No ,PPT.Patient_Payment_Type_Code Input Control Created with below mentioned Query: Select Patient_Payment_Type_Serial_No,Patient_Payment_Type_Description from Patient_Payment_Types Where Patient_Payment_Type_Serial_No<=4 Regards, Prakash R 7358673230.
  6. Hi Support Team, Is it possible to uninstall the licensed jasper server from the server and if we install the latest version of jasper server shall we use last used license number in the same server. ?? Note : Actually our need is to upgrade the jasper server version. We tried to upgrade, but we end up with "BUILD FAILED" message from jasper server. Please suggest....!!!!
  7. BUILD FAILED /opt/jasperreports-server-cp-7.1.0-bin/buildomatic/bin/db-common.xml:1016: The following error occurred while executing this line: /opt/jasperreports-server-cp-7.1.0-bin/buildomatic/bin/import-export.xml:370: The following error occurred while executing this line: /opt/jasperreports-server-cp-7.1.0-bin/buildomatic/bin/import-export.xml:196: Java returned: 255
  8. Hi Team, While upgrading the jasper server from 6.3 to 7.1, BUILD Failed.
  9. Dear Team, In Jasper server adhoc view creation, while drag and drop the field to cross tab. Then Im getting below mentioned issue. "An error occurred while processing the previous request" How to fix this issue? Please suggest this. Awaiting for your reply.
  10. Dear Team, Im trying to pass the multiple value for a single parameter in Jasper Soft Report. But I couldn't able to do. I am getting the error message as mentioned below."Parameter Type Java.Util.Collection is not supported in Jaspersoft Studio". Please suggest some solution for this, it will be really helpful for me.Regards, Prakash R
  11. Dear Team, I have somereports in that only one report is going to become the subreport. This sub report is referred in 10 jasper report. If i do any changes in the sub report and then published in jasper server. After publishing the sub report, changes are not affected in main reports. Do i need to publish all 10 jasper reports once again or only one sub report is enough? Regards, Prakash R.
  12. Hi Team, Im trying to set the image path (i,e Image file not in Jasper Server, its from different server). In this case, Is it possible to set the image path ? Regards, Prakash . R
  13. Dear Team, I have installed the jasper soft license on V1 Virtual Machine. In this setup, V1 Virtual Machine got crashed. Now I have created the new V2 Virtual Machine. Is it possible to use the Jasper soft License from V1 Virtual Machine to V2 Virtual Machine? Regards, Prakash R
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