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  1. Hi All, I my company, we are using PDF's and some Users are looking for 'Editable Fields on PDF'. is that possible in jaspersoft?. Thanks
  2. Hi hozawa, Thanks for the answer! What do you mean by customize. What I have to customize can please explain ij more details. Thanks!
  3. Hi All, Is it possible to see the watermark on Word Document[docx] when exported through jasper. Currently I am not seeing the watermark when I export my report to docx. I am able see watermark on PDF. Can someone help me with this. is this achievable?. I used the image, textfield, parameter etc., as a Watermark but nothing is working for docx. Thanks!
  4. Hi All, one of my *.jasper[Compiled file] is corrupted in server. In the server it is Binary File[bIN], don't know the exact reason for corruption of this. when I downloaded the file from the server and tried to run on my jaspersoft studio it is throwing the error as "Failed to Create the part's control". When I re-compiled the *.jrxml then *.jasper file is working fine. Can anyone please help me in understanding the reason for that particular file getting corrupted. I have so many *.jasper files in the server only one of them is corrupted. Note: In my company we are not using Jasper server Any help on this is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!
  5. Try to use this in your style condition expression ($F{TestDate}.equals("true") || $F{TestDate}.equals("false"))
  6. Hi, Use this in your Sql Query Ltrim(fieldName, '0') as NewFieldname Directly use 'NewFieldName' in Jasper.
  7. Hi, When you add tables, you need to link them with the main report parameters. Select the table component in your report =>go tp properties tab => select dataset => here at the botton you can see 'Parameters tab' => Add main report parameters [same name and same expression].
  8. Hi, I would say try this TextField1 TextField2 TextField3 TextField4 [write print when expression to this. something like when 'Textfield2' has no value print this] TextField4[write print when expression to this. something like when 'Textfield2' has a value print this]. Let me know if this works.
  9. Hi Jkeri, Use the below sql statement in your jrxml query for REACTIVE_DATE field. To_Char(Reactive_date, 'YYYY-MM-DD') as ReactDate[Whatever name you like to give] and use this in your text field element.
  10. Hi Jlabuelo, I think the Bar code size and QR code are good. They are in a same size as you are expecting. I see the page size of the reports you defined is small[your page width = 297] so you will see the complete report only of that width. If you are looking for normal A4 size report please increase the width of the report[width:595 height;842]. Thanks!
  11. Hi Ajith, Please check your Subreport expression, If you are using any parameter like 'ReportDir' from where you are calling your all reports then your subreport expression should be as follow: Expression: $P{ReportsDir} + "subreport_name.jasper" Connection Expression: $P{REPORT_CONNECTION} Thanks!
  12. Hi If your output '1' is from a field then you can use the Jasper if-else expression. Below is the example Ex: $F{FieldName}.equals("1") ? "INV" : $F{FieldName} You can provide anything in else statement as per your requirement. Thanks!
  13. Hi All, I am using style template to apply styles for all my reports. Recently I added a new style in my existing style template and checked-in the updated .jrtx into the server. After checking in when I tried to generate PDF, I am getting "Error parsing template XML" error. I am able to generate my PDF before the new style was added and also I am able to generate my PDF on Jaspersoft studio. Note: I am not using Jasper server here. In my company they use different server to generate reports using Jasper API. Can anyone help me on this. Thanks in advance
  14. Hi All, I am using hyperlink in one of my sub reports. Hyperlink properties are as below Link Target : Blank Link Type: Reference Hyperlink Reference Expression : "www.coomunity.jaspersoft.com" (This is actually my internal company link I am using this for example) Hyperlink Tooltip Expression: "Clink this link to view the details". Here we are not using Jasper server and we are using different server using Jasper API and jasper wrapper for accessing reports. The hyperlink is working fine on my local machine that is with Jaspersoft studio but it is not working on the server and getting a null pointer exception. My question is do we need any separate code for that on the server or do we need any parameter. Please can anyone help me on this. Thanks!
  15. Hi All, I am working on jasper studio 6.2. One of my reports have table in it, I have 3 columns in it. Colums are as follows: Group id, Group name and Group decription. My Groupname will be very large some times usually it is smaller. When the groupname(Column2) is large the text is continuing to next line when I export to PDF. The only option I found is that to stretch the width of the column. This causing my Description(Column3) to move further but I dont wan't do this because my group description should start at that particular point. I would like to know is there any option in jasper so that I can stretch the column dynamically. Any help is greatly appreciated!!. In the above attached image "ALL BNSF WITH CANADA EXC RCPE" should be in one line and my " FSAC 03980...." should start from that point. Thanks.
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