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  1. I would like to have this implemented in jasper report https://stackoverflow.com/questions/42259571/conditional-highcharts-marker-symbol-using-javascript That means execute somewhere this portion of script const H = Highcharts;H.wrap(H.Series.prototype, 'drawPoints', function(p) { const options = this.options; const symbolCallback = options.marker && options.marker.symbolCallback; const points = this.points; if (symbolCallback && points.length) { points.forEach(point => { const symbol = symbolCallback.call(point); if (symbol) { point.update({ marker: { symbol: symbol } }, false) } }) } p.call(this);})[/code]I'm not sure how to run Highchart.warp method from post inside report definition. Anyone could help here? Thx
  2. Hi all, can anybody explain me what is included in reportRenderingTime and how it is connected with asynchrounous report execution in visualize.js I have reports (using jasper AWS server 6.0.1 and m3.medium package) where reportRenderingTime takes more then 90% of reportExecutionTime and Im not sure, but it seems this has influence on asynchrounous report execution in visualize.js as it wait a lot of time to show first page. Thanks
  3. Visualize.js does not render report with same speed as jasper UI. It seems outputResource request waits till whole process complete. Question is, does it have any connection with rendering report template file or it is really specific for mysql DB, since it works with MSSQL
  4. I have mysql database and jasper server 6.1 connected. When I execute report(containing about 2000 pages) through jasper server web ui, it returns first page after few seconds and continute to load data in behind till it count all pages. And that is fine, expected behavior. However, visualize does not work in that manner. It shows first page in same time when changeTotalPages event fire. changeTotalPages: function(pages) { alert(pages) }[/code] Why is this happening with mysql db? I know visualize.js should fetch first page as soon as possible and then trigger subsequent status requests to the server to fetch totalPages. Does this link solves issue here. Anyone has experience? Thanks
  5. This solved issue net.sf.jasperreports.export.csv.write.bom = true[/code]
  6. I have text field in Jasper report jrxml template marked as html. This property removes any HTML tags from text and it works fine as html export, as pdf, excel...etc. Only issue is csv export. It shows strange characters on tags positions. Changing default encoding from 'UTF-8' to 'ISO-8859-1' did not give results. <property name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.character.encoding" value="ISO-8859-1"/> [/code] Anyone knows solution? Thanks
  7. Hi all, I'm using Jasper AWS 6.1.0 instance and rendering grid report using Visualize.js library.As per documentation, I used code report.pages(pageNumber).run() for pagination. Pagination worked fine on all browsers till yesterday, now Chrome is showing Visualize.js:83 Uncaught TypeError: i.remove is not a function No code changes were made that could cause this issue. Anyone know what could be issue. Are there any Chrome changes in last days that could cause remove() to be deprecated? Thanks, Minja
  8. Hi all, I have report template and requirement to exclude part of table when exporting report to excel. Report have summary band with table component inside. I set up properties as below. It works for columnHeader, but cannot make it work work for columnFooter and tableFooter. <property name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.xlsx.exclude.origin.keep.first.band.1" value="columnHeader"/> <property name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.xlsx.exclude.origin.keep.first.report.1" value="*"/> <property name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.xlsx.exclude.origin.band.4" value="columnFooter"/> <property name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.xlsx.exclude.origin.report.4" value="*"/> Anyobody know the trick? Thanks
  9. It is interesting that there is no problems with pagination on IE when you open report in Jasper Server web editor. JIVE is used there as well
  10. If I put this in code defaultJiveUi: { enabled: false }, everything is ok with pagination, but I lost JIVE out of the box functionality for sorting, filtering.... So this is issue with JIVE feature/pagination and IE. What exactly is making a problem, still do not know.
  11. Hi, Im testing on Edge. It behave same when I change document mode in developer tools for any IE lower version. Do you remember what was the problem in script? My Jasper Server is AWS instance and it is currently used in production. How to upgrade to 6.2.0? Thanks
  12. Hi all. I have report with table element in summary band. Table has 10 to 15 columns and data is loaded from DB. Im using visualize.js to render report on my web page and to create pagination controls. I'm using the following code for pagination: window.previousPage = function () { var currentPage = report.pages() || 1; report.pages(--currentPage) .run() .done(function(){ //long running script till this event is fired }) .fail(function (err) { alert(err); }); }; window.nextPage = function () { var currentPage = report.pages() || 1; report.pages(++currentPage) .run() .done(function(){ //long running script till this event is fired }) .fail(function (err) { alert(err); });}; Issue is only on Internet explorer. When I click next page I see grey cover over report with "Loading..." message. After certain time it refreshes table with new data, but done callback highlighted above is not fired in that moment. Page becomes unresponsive and sometimes I see IE long running script message and then after 5-10 seconds done callback is executed. All other browsers works fine. Anybody know is there any issue with visualize.js and report table element. I tried to change table fields with static text, instead data from DB and then it works fast. Also, speed is ok in case when I have only 2-3 columns. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi all, I'm using token based authentication to login to jasper server. In token I'm sending profile data (example: profAttrr1=234,456,211, profAttr2=897,209,546). I succesufully log in, I can see that profile data is assigned to user as super admin on other browser. From other side, Im using security file on domain data, and checking(with groovy) if data in certain table columns contains 'ids' from profile attrributes values(profAttr1, proffAttr2). groovy('authentication.getPrincipal() .getAttributes() .find{ it.attrName == "profileAttrib1" } .attrValue.split(",") .collect{"''" + it + "''"} .join(",") .replaceFirst("^''","") .replaceFirst("''$","")') Problem is that when user first time log in into the system, and wants to create ad hoc view from created domain he got the following error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'attrValue' on null object. It means that groovy cannot see data in profile attributes during the first log in! If I logout and then login same user again, everything works fine, probably beacuse there is already some profile data for user. It seems that problem is with session that is opened with token authentication? Anyone can explain this? Thanks in advance
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