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  1. Yeah, I am calling like visualize.js <script type='text/javascript' src="<?php echo JASPERURL; ?>/jasperserver-pro/client/visualize.js?_opt=true"></script> I am passing same params and data types from my javascript file as defined in jasper.
  2. I am using jasperserver pro 6.0.1. When I run report from jasper admin First page is coming with in 5-6 seconds and its processing for remaining pages, and when I run the same report using Visualize.js then its taking 1.4 minutes. Is there any setting required in Visualuizejs from where first page can run immediately and then remaining pages works in process. Jasper admin is behave like pagination but visualize.js is not. Can anyone guide me on this.
  3. When i am executing query from MYSQL it is taking "Showing rows 0 - 499 (68311 total, Query took 0.0102 seconds.)". I execute this query from Jasper admin and its taking 3-4 seconds to load first page then its processing for remaining pages. But when i am using visualize.js to fetch data then its taking more than 30 seconds to load the data. some times 40 seconds. I am not sute but I think visualize.js waits untill all pages are getting execute. I want to set same mechanism as Jasper admin in visualize.js. Can any one help me, why visualize.js taking big time.
  4. Hello, What is minimum configuration required for Jasper with mysql database.
  5. Helo, Can anyone tell me that what mysql server memory is required for Jasper reports. I am using jasper pro 6.0.1 with using visualize.js. My reports are coming very slowly. I dont know its configuration issue or what ?
  6. Hello, I want to count the rows of my report using VIsualize.js. So that if rows < 1 then i can put "No Data Found" lable. I am not using table structure. I have many sub reports in my main report.
  7. Hello, I want to set paginatin and click function in my drill report using visualize.js can anyone help me in this.
  8. Hello, I want to set pagination in my drill report using visualize.js, but i am not able do this.
  9. I want to make sort all fields of my report. I have created simple report in iReport without table structure. Can anyone guide me.? Its very urgent. I am using visualize.js to retrive it.
  10. Hello I have created one report in iReport. I put Sort report element in one of the field, i upload this report in jasper server but sort is not working. can any one suggest how to sort field data using iReport.
  11. I want to make sorting in iReport. can anyone help how to set sort for particular field in iReport.
  12. Hello, I have multiple records from my sql query. I want to split the data and display into horizontal view.
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