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  1. Hi Team , I have 2 columns : 1) To_Date : Datetime. 2) Status : Integer. (Fixed values set for Status) I want to get sum of "seconds" from To_Date column as when the status column changes. For Ex : Data is like in table : StatusDatetime (in seconds)120025002100140022501100So for Status 1 - I should get value 700, similarly for Status 2 - I should get value 850. How this can be achieved without using scriptlets?
  2. I too have the same requirement. https://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/1107841/iterate-linkedhashset.
  3. 1) use html tags in textfield. 2) change markup to "html" of textfield properties. Hope it works. Regards, Miwa
  4. You have to import StrinUtils first in your jrxml source code: <import value="org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils"/> Its working in my environment.
  5. You can use leftPad function of StringUtils ex : import org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils; StringUtils.leftPad($F{field_name}, 6,"0"); "6" : length of the desired string. "0" : inserts 0 at beginning. Hope it may help Regards, Miwa
  6. Have you used below in sql query ?$X{IN, column_name, list_parameter_name} Regards, Miwa
  7. Hi, I think you should use JRBeanCollectionDataSource(<List>) method. you can refer below link: https://www.programcreek.com/java-api-examples/?api=net.sf.jasperreports.engine.data.JRBeanCollectionDataSource Hope it works Regards, Miwa
  8. Alternative Answer : Use Stretch properties of Bar graph, if x-axis values are not seen OR increase the band size. OR change the Position Types. Hope it works. Regards, Miwa
  9. Yes sure. as per your structure : |Category1 | Note1 | |Category1 | Field1 | Value1 | |Category1 | Field2 | Value2 | |Category2 | Note2 | |Category2 | Field1 | Value1 | |Category2 | Field2 | Value2 | As per your requirement, select Table component, step 1 : create group on "Category", step 2 : add columns category, Fieldname, valuename, step 3 : select all columns - > right click -> group columns -> add textfield on grouped area. Step 4 : add Category Or Note fieldname in the textfield expression. Thats it. Hope it will work. Regards, Miwa
  10. Alternative answer use n and t on your textfield expression. Hope it may work Regards, Miwa.
  11. Table can be used with such requirements. Use Groups in Table component.For total part, use Group Footer or Table footer for grand total.
  12. ($F{id}==null AND $F{name}.equals("Jasper")) OR $F{sal}>10000?"ABC":"XYZ"
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