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  1. This was from awhile back, so I'm guessing you found an answer but in case anyone else has this issue: The easiest way to get rid of the blank rows is to export as a CSV. Even when "ignore pagination" isn't selected, the CSV file format will not produce blank rows to represent additional pages (unlike XLS which will include them). By adding your field names into the title (as you have done) you get a spreadsheet with 1 row of field names and all the resulting data without blanks (without a Java Heap Space error from selecting ignore pagination).
  2. Finally figured out how the report books works almost in entirety. Once I get some time, I'll add the details here in case anyone else is struggling with the same problem.
  3. Hi All, I've been using Jaspersoft Studio for about 4 months now. Up until now, I've been able to get nice reports using multiple subreports - but recently I was asked to do a more complex project. The "Report Book" option seems ideal, but I'm at a loss to how to create a new Report Book template. The user guide only has instructions for how to edit a Report Book based on the two existing template options (Abstract Book or Wave Book) (http://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/tibco-jaspersoft-studio-user-guide/v610/report-books). Searching for this information is a bit of a pain given that "Report Book" is such a generic term. I've tried editing the source code directly, but it appears this is generated via "eclipse IProject" so a bit confused about how to create a new one. Normally, I have found these forums very useful and this is the first time I'm asking a new question. Any help regarding how to create a brand new Report Book or to edit the design of the existing template would be fantastic. I'm not asking for a step-by-step guide, just some starting direction. Links would be fantastic. Thanks in advance. If anyone is awesome enough to give me a starting hand, I'll do my best to return the favor and I'll start contributing to these forums to help other newbies. I might do that anyway :)
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