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  1. Have you developed an component for using Open Street Map. I need to implement Map Server maps in JasperReports.
  2. Hi Community, How can I map a an External Role with Multiple Roles in Token Based Authentication I've tried using comma(,) but not working <entry key="leadfaculty"value="ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR, ROLE_LEAD_FACULTY" />[/code]Please Guide me thank you :)
  3. Check by logging into JasperServer as "superuser", you should find it. It might be a permission issue and also while uploading the report check the path and navigate to the same path in JasperServer.
  4. Initial Value Expression: this should be default value which you want to pass to your java class IncrementType: this should be your group(as you are using this variable in group footer) Incrementer Factory Class Name: I've not worked on this yet. Regards, JasperExplorer
  5. Balraj

    Cell input

    When you're reading fields in the iReport or JasperSoft Stdio, change the type of "Column B" to "String". It is a type casting issue. Regards JasperExplorer
  6. You can do Group By based on Account Id in the Report, and then print them using Detail Band. Best Regards, JasperExplorer
  7. You can handle this in 2 ways: At subreport level, Provide TextField expressionas : $V{REPORT_COUNT} != NULL? $V{REPORT_COUNT} : new Integer(0) At main report level, whatever the text field you're using write an expression similar to above: $V{RETURNED_COUNT} != NULL? $V{RETURNED_COUNT} : new Integer(0)
  8. Delete unwanted Table Headers/Column Headers from table component and Content coming in different pages, following might be the scenarios: Table Row height is very high or your report height is very small. Best Regards, JasperExplorer
  9. It is depricated, check this link once http://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/api/net/sf/jasperreports/engine/util/JRProperties.html Best Regards, JasperExplorer
  10. Perfect..!!! Glad that my views were helpful for you, Consider to "Accept the Answer". It will be helpful for others.
  11. I think, that extra space is a Report Design Issue, please review your report design. If you observe that extra space is there in the image that you posted earlier. So it might be a design issue. Best Regards, JasperExplorer
  12. Glad that it worked for you. Accept it as answer,It'll be helpful for others Best Regards, JasperExplorer
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