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  1. For opening ODS file you need Open Office.
  2. Hi, Yes, we can integrate JasperReports with Dot net application using JasperReports Server REST API or Visualize.js.
  3. Hi, It is possible to achieve your requirement. Follow below steps: Create a parameter in second dataset. Use List element to show associated name. In list element's dataset property map first dataset parameter with second dataset parameter.I have attached a file below which has implementation of above steps. /sites/default/files/files/Sample_jrxml.txt
  4. You can refer below tables: jireportunitjiresourcejiuserrolejiuserjirolejitenantjiobjectpermission
  5. Try to use below in your expression: "select q.id as q_id, w.document_id, dt.id as dt_id, dep.d_name, q.q_name, dt.dt_name, CONVERT(varchar(10), w.wf_datein, 101) as wf_datein, CONVERT(varchar(10), w.wf_dateout, 101) as wf_dateout from workflow w inner join queue q on w.queue_id = q.id inner join document d on w.document_id = d.id inner join doctype dt on d.doc_type_id = dt.id inner join department dep on dt.department_id = dep.id where wf_dateout between "+$P{startDate}+" and "+$P{endDate}+" and $X{IN, dt.id, doctypeId} and $X{IN,q.id, queueId} and dt.department_id = "+$P{departmentId}
  6. Set phantomjs.binary=<phantomjs-installation-directory-path>/bin/phantomjs.exe in js.config.properties.
  7. What is the exact problem that you are facing?
  8. If you are using Java 8 then you can import following classes in your report: java.time.DayOfWeek; java.time.LocalDate; java.time.Month; java.time.temporal.TemporalAdjusters; and use expression similar to below by replacing year with current year or any parameter LocalDate.of(2017, Month.DECEMBER, 10).with(TemporalAdjusters.dayOfWeekInMonth(3, DayOfWeek.WEDNESDAY));
  9. There is no need of modifying $X{} expression. It seems to be a syntax error in your expression. Check for opening and closing parenthesis.
  10. Yes, in your SELECT statement instead of $P{param_name} you need to use $P!{param_name}.
  11. Yes, it is possible. Let's say your paramter is "P_MAX_Page" which stores maximum number of pages. Then you just need to create a variable as follows which will store reset page number: Name: V_PAGE_NUMBER Value Class Name: java.lang.Integer Expression: $V{PAGE_NUMBER} % $P{P_MAX_Page} == 0?$P{P_MAX_Page}:$V{PAGE_NUMBER} % $P{P_MAX_Page}
  12. Yes, the feature you are looking for is Adhoc report. For detailed information follow below link. http://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/jasperreports-server-user-guide/working-ad-hoc-editor
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