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  1. Chcck if there are any spaces. (F{fieldName} == null || F{fieldName}.trim() == "") ? "-" : F{fieldName}
  2. Hi. Under Properties > Appearance > Check the property "Remove Line when Blank".
  3. Hi. Go to Band Properties and select Split Type as Prevent.
  4. If you are looking to print each group only once on starting on new page then you can use ignore pagination on report properties and a page break at start of group header. If you need to print group header on every page then Reprint header property should do that. Start on new page property should start the next group in a new page.
  5. Hi - I am in tricky situtaion and need some help. I designed a report using ireport 5.5.1 and able to generate an excel output. So here in excel output the cells with no values are not exactly blank. Example: Here is Column1 with 12 rows Column1 1 2 3 blank(no value) blank(no value) 4 blank(no value) 5 6 blank(no value) blank(no value) 7 So generally when we use Ctrl+ down arrow in excel on row1 it will take to 3, then to 4, then to 6 and then to 7. But it is not working as same in excel generated by ireport. when pressed Ctrl+down arrow on 1 it take to 7 (considering those cells have some value). we can test if we press delete on blank cells and try again. This is not the case with same report generated by a different reporting tool. So guessing this should have something to do with ireport. Please help me if there is any setting or property which i can use to eliminate this ??
  6. Lets say Col4 is named as $F{Acc}t and we create a variable for Acct as $V{Acc_List}. Use the below expression in the Variable and Make Initial Value to "" ($F{Acct} == null || $F{Acct}.equalsIgnoreCase("")) ? $V{Acc_List} : $V{Acc_List}.equalsIgnoreCase("") ? $V{Acc_List}+$F{Acct}+"," : ($V{Acc_List}.contains($F{Acct}+","))? $V{Acc_List} : ($V{Acc_List}+$F{Acct}+",") Once done output should be like A12G3 , K78DE , MAT12, with a comma extra end .. which can be removed by using this in text field expression. $V{Acc_List}.substring( 0, $V{Acc_List}.length() -1)
  7. Hi.. Thanks for your answer. I have no idea about the esProc but I found the solution in different way.
  8. Used the below code.. it will elimates the duplicates.. ($F{Id} == null || $F{Id}.equalsIgnoreCase("")) ? $V{Idlist} : $V{Idlist}.equalsIgnoreCase("") ? $V{Idlist}+$F{Id}+"," : ($V{Idlist}.contains($F{Id}+","))? $V{Idlist} : ($V{Idlist}+$F{Id}+",") Also to remove comma at end we can change the Text Field expression to $V{Idlist}.substring( 0, $V{Idlist}.length() -1)
  9. Thanks Rob.. that helped me ..thats really great you posted the answer when it worked for you.
  10. Hi , I am new to jasper. I am having a problem to design a report which does the same like group_concat() function in my sql.. i am using a sql server so cannot use that function in my query. My input is something like this. Col1 Col2 Col3 Col4 10 1234 Sam A12G3 10 1234 Sam K78DE 10 1234 Sam MAT12 20 1456 Tom E12F4 20 1456 Tom KAR3R 20 3217 Tom G45G4 my output should be like Col1 Col2 Col3 Col4 10 1234 Sam A12G3 , K78DE , MAT12 20 1456 Tom E12F4 , KAR3R 20 3217 Tom G45G4 I am trying to create a variable using the below expression. Class : java.lang.String , CALCULATION: Nothing , Incrementype: Group , Incrementgroup: Col2 expression is $F{Col4} + " , " + $F{Col4} this one is not working.. Could you please help me on this please
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