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  1. I gave up with it and uninstalled it. then I reinstalled selecting the option to include all demos and samples. THIS does at last give the option to add a datasource. It seems a major bug that you you cant install Jasper Server without the demos and samples.
  2. Hi, I am logging in with jasperAdmin. Under user management, there does not seem to be a user called superuser. I tried logging in with superuser and superuser as pass, but says account does not exist. jasperadmin is in the admin group/role. The only other roles are user and anon.
  3. Unfortuantely, this forum system wont let me cut and paste the answer directly, but here is a link to the solution I put on stack overflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25973670/jasperserver-cant-find-sub-reports
  4. thanks for the reply. Ufnortuntaely, jasper server makes no translation from file.jasper to repo:dir/file.jrxml. I had to do it all by hand - it took hours. This makes using nested subreports almost unusable
  5. We have a report with 3 levels of sub report. iReport + jasper server used to support this. It used to take the reports with their references to xxx.jasper and rewrite them to repo:xxx.jrxml. Report Studio does not do this when you deploy reports to server (5.6). It does recognise the top level of sub reports, and does upload them as jrxml resources, but it doesnt edit the main report, and when you try and run the main report on the server, it always fails as it cant find the sub-reports. We went through many "solutions" to this posted by people with the same problem, but they are all for older versions, and do not work on the current version. (e.g. there is no resources folder in 5.6). E.g. we manually changed every instance of xxx.jasper to repo:/reports/report_files/xxx.jrxml in all reports, deployed the main report, then added all the sub reports jrxml files as resources using the "Add resource" link in "Controls and REsources" of the "edit" function of the main report on the server. No luck. Not sure what to do at this stage. Runs fine in report studio, but not possible to run on server.
  6. jasper server 5.6 doesnt have a resources folder in teh root/repository view
  7. After insalling Jasper Server 5.6 (without the sample reports),and loggin in with jasperadmin, when we select view->repository, there are only two folders: System Properties and Themes. There is no Data source folder, and no way or option to add a datasource. We tried uinstalling and reinstalling, same problem. Have tried googling - noone else seems to have this issue. Howe do we add a datasource if there is no datasource option or folder?
  8. I have yet to find any way to get cells padded. By default, jasper studio tables contents overlap the tables borders. It looks terrible. There seems to be no way to apply any formatting to the whole table. You have to edit every cell individually. This is too much work to be any use.
  9. I created a table with 10 columns, and it created them with a tiny widht (22), and a huge height (30). So it looks terrible, and takes up 3 pages instead of 1. It seems there is no way to get the columns to spread out to fill the full width of the table. you have to work out by hand the required witdth of each column, then set it by hand on every cell. It takes hours. Then comes the height. for some reason, the jasper studio default cell height is twice as high as it should be. To change it, requires guessing the correct height in pixels, then manually editing EVERY CELL by hand. This also takes hours. Why on earth is ther not a table property for row height and column width? OR at least if you select mutliple columns/rows, and edit it, it should edit them all, not just a single cell. It is also worth mentioning that setting every cell's strech value to "relative to tallest object" has no effect. It makes tables unsable, unless there is some magic I am missing?
  10. I have a report with something like two tables, one above the other. The problem with my report is it has only ohe column hearder, one detail band, and one colum footer. The problem is any headers for example for my saecond table always appear on top of the headers for the top section. Is there any way In studio to add more column headers, detail bands and colum footers? I certainly cant find anything in the GUI.
  11. The biggest problem we have is that when the report just gives you either a blank page, or a page with only the column headers, there is no way to debug it or see why. Frequently a report which works perfectly one day, will suddenly not work the next. The DB and SQL are fine. The only option in this case, is to start again. Generate the same report from scratch, piece by piece. Jasper is missing any kind of debugging. There is not even a log4j.properties file anywhere in the distriution, although there are posts which say there is. WE dont even know if jasper is making it through to the DB. I tried to sumbit this as a feature request in the report studio "Send feedback", but it doesnt recognise my use/password which I can use fine on this site.
  12. I was hoping to enable some kind of debug logging with the parameters in it, but this works also. Thanks!
  13. I found the problem. It seems you have to compile the sub report every time before you want to preview the main report. It just uses an old version without warning.
  14. I have a long report which shows a lot of KPIs with columns for today, yesterday, last month, year to date etc. Each is a sub report which returns one row with all the required KPIs for the given period, e.g, registrationsdepositsgames3123There are about 30 of these KPIs (i.e. 30 column headers in the sub reports) The report will look like this: kpitodayyesterdaythis monthlast monththis yearregistrations341942333deposits111213111etc etc The problem is In the sub report. i have to explicitly create a field for each KPI, then explicitly create a text box going down the page for each field. Is there no way to simply list the data which comes back from the query going down the page? I know there is a table component, but this only works if you ahve a single query which returns multiple rows, I have mutliple queries whcih return a single row each. Any ideas?
  15. DAY(DATERANGE("DAY-1").getStart()) does not work (at least with JS 5.6 on windows) It gives the error "java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Integer cannot be case to java.util.Date
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