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  1. I have a AWS instance running, but I am trying to get studio to work. Where can I get the license file? It does not show up in my account
  2. I'm embedding dashboards in my website and I would like a way to hide the interactivity buttons that show up: the chart type button and the refresh/new window button on each chart. By changing the css, I am able to hide the refresh/new window ones, but when using &viewAsDashboardFrame=true, it does not work. Should I change something in the WEBINF files or is there a way to do this just by tinkering with the themes? Could not find this info anywhere
  3. Thank you for the workaround. I have not been able to test it, since I have removed my 5.6 instance to mantain my 5.5 one for the time being. However, I was having this issues when trying to create/update domains using a superuser.
  4. Be sure to contact everyone that had this issue when a solution is found, since you only seem to have commented on the most recent question...
  5. I have tried reproducing the error by following your procedure and everything worked fine. Have you used the export/import functions? I had the same issue when I imported the data from my 5.5 to 5.6, but when using a clean install of 5.6 it works like it should. One thing that I noted that might have something to do with this is that the domains (even the supermart ones) were created in may 30th, but last modified in march 29th. This might create some issues in the checksums and verifications, but I'm only assuming this. I am killing my 5.6 instance and reverting to 5.6, sicne I cannot put the time to creating all my reports again, but I expect at least an acknowledgement from Tibco/Jaspersoft relating to this issue, since you seem to be the 3rd user with this problem.
  6. I have tried using a new instance of 5.6 without importing any of my old data and it worked fine. So I assume there is something (else) wrong with the export/import functions. I have reverted back to using 5.5 because I cannot afford to put the time to recreate all of my reports and dashboards at this time, but I expect a solution soon.
  7. For that I would have to kill my instance and get a new one, and request access to the database, which is a somewhat long process., since there is no restore function (that I am aware of). If I am going that route, I might as well stick to 5.5, since it is working fine.
  8. The thing is that the update should have been perfect, since I just got a new machine from amazon with 5.6 running and imported my stuff from the old machine. I can't see how that may have caused some issues on the server. I have tried: Edditing and existing domainCreating and saving a new domain with an existing datasourceCreating and saving a new domain with a newly created datasourceall of the above with a new superuser accountAnd all of them have failed with nullPointerException.
  9. Since I am running on AWS, i simply put a new machine running 5.6 and then imported the exports from my old version. I had some issues with the theme (because it overwrote the default theme), but I solved that one.
  10. I just updated today to 5.6 and I cannot modify or create any domains, with a null pointer exception. I even tried creating a new dataSource to link it to, but to no success. Is 5.6 a beta version? because I am encountering many errors and bugs that were not present before and I'm condering reverting it to 5.5. Below is the error log from when trying to create a new domain. I just added a couple of tables, joined them and put it all on display. I also tried just adding a new column to display in an existing (and working) domain, with the same error. Error Messagejava.lang.NullPointerException Error Tracejava.lang.NullPointerException at org.hibernate.criterion.IlikeExpression.getTypedValues(IlikeExpression.java:69) at org.hibernate.loader.criteria.CriteriaQueryTranslator.getQueryParameters(CriteriaQueryTranslator.java:274) at org.hibernate.loader.criteria.CriteriaLoader.list(CriteriaLoader.java:118) at org.hibernate.impl.SessionImpl.list(SessionImpl.java:1597) at org.hibernate.impl.CriteriaImpl.list(CriteriaImpl.java:306) at org.springframework.orm.hibernate3.HibernateTemplate$36.doInHibernate(HibernateTemplate.java:1056) at org.springframework.orm.hibernate3.HibernateTemplate$36.doInHibernate(HibernateTemplate.java:1) at org.springframework.orm.hibernate3.HibernateTemplate.doExecute(HibernateTemplate.java:406) at
  11. Solved it. If anyone searcher for this in the future, I have downloaded the most current community version, exported the default theme and updated it as a new theme to my current version. I think it is a bug that the default theme gets modyfied when importing from an older version.
  12. I have updated yesterday to 5.6 and I'm testing out before killing my old instance. However, I have run into some UI issues when addidng a calculated field and when looking at a report. This happens in windows and ubuntu, using chrome and firefox. Attached are some images of the issue. I have tried clearing the cache, but to no success.
  13. Nothing special. I even have some ad-hocs saved up with different values for the filters (one for each city) and they all work fine.
  14. When creating a report from an existing ad-hoc view, I get an empty report. It only happens for 1 of my reports (that I have noticed). Any idea on what might cause this? 1(1). 1(1).
  15. Thank you for your reply. I assumed it had something to do with my instance. I was wondering if you could give me an estimate on which instance would be required to run this data set, so I could check if it would be worth upgrading or mantaining the derived table queries in the current instance, since they work with this instance (but with less interactivity for the end user). As I mentioned before, we are pulling data from 7 tables and the largest ones have 11M and 7M rows.
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