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  1. Is it possible to install a new version of 6.1.0, and point it to the databases being used? I'm not sure how big your installation is, so I'm not certain if this is feasible for you or not.
  2. You can use what hozawa has suggested, but also grep for java processes: ps aux | grep java While this may give you more than what you asked, you can further limit the search with more grepping (for example, once you find out the name of the process you want, grep for that from 'ps aux')
  3. In Windows Explorer enable it so you can view hidden files. There will be a .jslic file and I believe a .jasperserver directory in the user's home directory. Delete these files and restart. Let me know how it turns out!
  4. Try editing Tomcat's setenv.bat which is in the bin directory. Add/change the following for JVM options: --JvmMs 1024 --JvmMx 2048
  5. Hello, JRS 6.0 is not certified to work with Java 8, but that doesn't mean it won't You can try it out and see if everything you want works.
  6. Hello, I don't believe this is possible as JRS requires a database connection just to startup. It is possible just to install the jasperserver database and not the two sample databases. I believe you will run js-install.[sh|bat] minimal to do this
  7. Here's something somebody else did that worked, but not sure which version they were using, worth a shot: http://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/801826/error-war-file-upgrade-45-50
  8. I believe what you are looking for are 'Derived Tables'. In the 'Domain Designer' when creating your Domain you will be able to create these tables. I don't have too much experience with them, but I know they are documented in the JRS docs.
  9. Do you think it's a permissions issue? Have you created domains before? Which version of JRS are you using, and how did you create the database schema for mongodb? I believe there is a tool that comes with 6.1.0 that creates a big-data schema for you (mongodb, etc).
  10. The pictures you have attached aren't displaying for me. Have you tried searching for your connection in the search box in the upper right corner of the JRS web page? Or you can look for it by clicking "View -> Repository" Is there any chance you hit Cancel instead of Save when creating the Data Source?
  11. Hello Kendjr, Adding the init script to /etc/init.d isn't enough in newer versions of Ubuntu. You also have to run the command below. The ctlscript.sh won't work by default, but I believe you just need to add start/stop functions that contain start/stop for postgres/tomcat (which I understand you already did, or maybe something similar): sudo update-rc.d <appname> enable
  12. Are there any ctlscript.sh scripts in apache-tomcat/scripts and/or postgresql/scripts ?
  13. What happens when you add something like the following to your sudoers file? (use "sudo visudo" to edit): USERNAME ALL = NOPASSWD: /path/to/ctlscript.sh
  14. Hello sadakar, It is possible to run the installer without the installation wizard. If you are accepting the defaults you can run the installer through the command line and provide the following two required parameters: --mode unattended --postgres_password postgres for Windows it would be:jasperreports-server-6.1.0-cp-windowx-x64-installer.exe --mode unattended --postgres_password postgres Other optional parameters would are:prefix - installation directorypostgres_installation_type - Can be bundled or existing
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