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  1. In version 5.5 the color series used for html charts could be changed by modifiying jasperserver-pro/scripts/adhoc/highchart.datamapper.js . Version 5.6 uses optimized scripts now, but even with a modified jasperserver-pro/optimized-scripts/adhoc/chart/highchart.datamapper.js this has not the desired effect of setting alternate colors for my charts. Where/how should I set my preferred color series for the adhoc charts?
  2. When I create a filter within the ad-hoc editor I can filter against relative dates (e.g. db_datefield < DAY+1). I would like to apply such a relative date filter in the ad-hoc prefilter setup ... but it seems as if it does not accept relative dates there. Do I oversee something? Relative dates would make a lot of sense in the prefilter.
  3. Had exactly the same issue. Got a 5.6 default theme zip-file and installed it as default5.6 theme. Made it active and things are working again. Could not overwrite default theme (on AWS) which seems to be broken after the import.
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