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  1. That means..in your report has some errors.Check it first in iReport then deploy into jasper server..
  2. can you post jrxml file...its related to type='java.io.InputStream' may be it will work.
  3. hi all, When Click Hyper link it will redirect to subreport,,data is transfered to subreport ,,it will be printed in subreport..is it possible...how is it? Thank you in advance
  4. In my Table the one column contains lengthy data more than 1000 characters ..how to display is there any textarea or popup in jasper report? Could someone explain clearly ..thank you
  5. increase the bandwidth(space) for the Subreport.then it will come
  6. May be its not possible up to now versions what we have.future it will be possible.
  7. When you dealing Jasper Server cp-5.5.0.that is browser problem.you can check other browsers in other systems it will show you all things.use that browser version.use Jasper Server cp-5.2.0. version.it will work perfectly
  8. Parameter name and jasper server input control name should be same..you can pass in query $P{IC1}..and before pass this parameter , you should define this parameter in .jrxml file. .. now you can pass this parameter.
  9. ya you can use.If your using SQL Server DB,Then it is quite easiy In Query you return the values.you can catch values in Report ,But If your using the MYSQL DB.Then the Problem is ,MYSQL DB does NOt accept to Return like that. Then you should use sub report for Displaying columns and main report for displaying Data.Final Report looks like Normal One Report .All d best
  10. you should declare parameter in jrxml file and you pass using $P{},it shows paramter, $V{},it shows variable $F{},it shows filed Example: Coming to Query: SELECT * FROM EMPLOYEE WHERE EMP_NAME=$P{Name}; All d best.
  11. you can use iReport to Design reports.Down load 5.2 iReport version.This is perfect version.
  12. are you passing any parameters to the sub reports.Then you should declare those Parameters in Main Report also.can you post .jrxml file ,include also sub reports.it is small mistake..if you post it will easily to recoganise the mistake
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