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  1. Hello, i trying to create dynamically report with Dynamic Jasper API. I want to add to this report charts, and this is not a problem, and i want each chart get data from different data set. So my question is how to add multiple datasets to my report and than to set them as charts subsets (Dataset run). Is it possible with jasper report api? Thanks a lot!
  2. HI, did you find any solution? I am also trying to add undefined number of series to a bar chart. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, i create jasper report dynamically via jasper reports API and i use some charts objects. Report is created on server and then sended to client in pdf format. Is it possible to use highchart components on server and add it to report? I tried ireport professional edition, and it does include HTML5, can i use the same components via API? Is there any jar/include that i need to add to my project? Does purchasing jasper soft professional edition solve this problem? Thanks in advance
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