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  1. Good Day, I have been working for several years in iReport 5.6.0 when writing/editing jasper reports for the UL software program OHM. I am experiencing issue with 5.6.0 where the Query Window will not open, but the software thinks it is opne (I believe it to be in a modal state). This is very frustrating. However, I am wondering if I should recommend that we make the move to Jasper Studio (community version?). iReport was license free and we would like to keep that model as there is only one or two developers and one software product that we use this for. And even that is very limited. Is this they way we should go? Thank you.
  2. Good Day, I am experiencing an issue when trying to open the SQL Editor from within iReport 5.6.0 (on Win10 with JDK7). I click the DB button, everyting freezes but the editor does not appear--it acts as if the SQL Wndow is on an other monitor (I don't have a second) and is a modal state; if I press ESC, the iReport interface works and behaves as expected. As mentioned, I thought the SQL Window may be modal and displaying on a 2nd monitor which is my usual configuration. I hooked one up to test, but there is not SQL Window on either monitor and the behavior does the same. I have checked my JKD (it is 7), I have checked my environment variables and the iReport.conf (they also point to the correct java). Any ideas? My next step is to try in install 5.6.0 on another Windows (10) machine and see what the behavior is. Any thoughts or solutions the community can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. MT
  3. Good Day, I am working in iReport 5.6 where I am receiving an error in a report that has been working for quite some time. The Error is: Error filling print... 38 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 38 I believe that the error represents some type of data overflow for the element on the report and that the Element ID is 38. However, I am uable to find any references in through the iReport interface as well as the XML. I cannot find the Element ID. My questions are 1) Am I correct that the reference in the error to 38 is an element ID? and if it is, then 2) How do I find the element that has the ID of 38? Thank you. MicTog
  4. Good Day, I am working on a report where I would like to offer the end user default column visibility options. I am not utilizing a table, I am utilizing fields in a ColumnHeader/Detail band(s). Due to this I cannot utilize the "Print When" property--when I do, it will work (mostly) but the space where the field is does not collapse.The reason for this is that I am utilizing the "ShowHide" property to also allow the End User some flexibility in the columns they get with any option selection; this also complicates the use of the "Show/Hide" if the option is not selected (these are user prompted parameters with defaults). My report has four (4) base options, each with its selection of columns. I considered utilizing cascading parameters; however, I am not on a jasper server. I considered using sub-reports; however, my vendor software does not support sub-reports; I have considered four JRXML files as separate reports; however, the code is not currently a stored procedure and I am unsure that I want to go to that level at this time--I will if that is the only solution. I am working in iReport 5.6.0. Do you have a recommendation for a solution that I have not thought of? Or maybe my assumptions above are incorrect and you can provide me with better information to make this work? Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide.
  5. I am having an issue with Jasper Reporting. This is related to the sizing of objects/sub objects and overrunning the boundaries. I am developing the report using iReport 5.6. This development environment is what I am limited to by the software vendor. And, actually their report developers are using 4.2, but that is another story. My report is a series of header, detail and footers. And then a series of nested elements Frames, Lists, etc. I am having an issue with a specific footer. I have torn is out and recreated it several times thinking that I was doing something incorrectly; only to repeat the same steps each time with the same error messaging. It is important to note that I do not receive errors in the development environment and the report (in the development environment will render as I expect to see it). It is when I add it to the s/w environment that I receive the error. The error received within the S/W environment is: Error Message: Report design not valid : Element reaches outside list contents width: x = 0, width = 571, list contents width = 569. No other error information is available. Please consult the log file for more details. Note: I have consulted the log, which is usually very helpful, only to receive the exact information above with no further discernable detail. As I mentioned, this error is not encountered in the development tool (iReport 5.6). Where the report runs and returns data (or the lack of data – NULL) as anticipated. The error occurs when/after I add the data fields to the subframe. I have reviewed all of the width parameters of each element down through the nest to ensure that none overlaps the other and each underlying element/group of elements does not exceed the layers above in width. I did notice, at the List (component) level there is an option “Ignore Width Property” which is not available on other layers. I thought, maybe, that checking this element would cascade down and fix the issue below; however, no it does not have a noticeable effect in my report. What I expect to see is: (this is a render in my dev tool environment. All fields are dates formatted as MM/dd/yyyy except the Value field which is formatted ###0.00) Here are the defined elements: Item out of bounds -FRAME (0,24,569,36) --LIST (linked to data subset) (0,24,569,36) --Label Elements --Frame --Data Elements What am I missing when it comes to measuring the width of elements and their sub elements? Why is it that when I add the fields to the sub-frame, that it goes out of bounds? Thank you for your help in solving this issue. I will also continue to review look and try to come up with a solution; if I find it before an answer becomes available here, I will post it. MT.
  6. Good Morning, This is a bit of a tricky one. It is not as simple as it appears (at least not to me). I am building a report in Jaspersoft iReport Designer 5.6.0 (I need to due to third party constraints). In this environment I do not have any errors and the report renders in preview mode as expected. However, when I import the Jasper Report JRXML file to UL's OHM Software product and attempt to run the report I get the following errors: Error Message:Report design not valid : 1. Element reaches outside list contents width: x = 0, width = 596, list contents width = 569. 2. Element reaches outside list contents width: x = 0, width = 596, list contents width = 571. 3. Element reaches outside list contents width: x = 0, width = 596, list contents width = 571. 4. Element reaches outside list contents width: x = 0, width = 596, list contents width = 571. 5. Element reaches outside list contents width: x = 0, width = 596, list contents width = 571. 6. Element reaches outside list contents width: x = 0, width = 596, list contents width = 569. 7. Element reaches outside list contents width: x = 0, width = 596, list contents width = 569. 8. Element reaches outside list contents width: x = 0, width = 596, list contents width = 569. 9. Element reaches outside list contents width: x = 0, width = 596, list contents width = 569. 10. Element reaches outside list contents width: x = 0, width = 596, list contents width = 567. No other error information is available. Please consult the log file for more details. I understand the error, and I know how to make the necessary corrections. The problem is, I have looked at every element--not just within the list contents--and none of the elements have a width defined at 596. NONE. Not satisfied with reviewing in Jaspersoft iReport 5.6, I reveiwed the xml file directly searching for the value 586. This value only show up in a few GUID references (I assume they are GUID references based on the structure). Looking inside the individual list elements I can see that the sum of defined widths of the Field elements can exceed the overal list width but, revieing the area in the designer does not reflect this. Could this really be my issue? I really do not want to radically redesign widths only to find that it is not the issue. I have more errors than list components which leads me to assume that some of the errors are repeats on the same list and I may only have to repair a couple. Has anyone experience similar behavior? That is, it works in the designer but not the end application where it is deployed? Any guidance you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Good Day, I am moving from iReport 5.6.0 to JasperStudio 6.2.1 and am exeriencing anomalies with reports that I am testing, and converting, as needed. I currently have five (5) reports that were in a form of development/testing in iReport when we began to make the move to JasperStudio. This change is due to a software upgrade (separate) of a system which utilizes Jasper Reports within the software. This upgrade moved us to Java 8 which is incompativle with iReport. What I am experiencing are issues with the "language" property of these reports. In iReport we utlized Groovy. However, that is not working with these same reports in JasperStuio; at least not all of them. One is working and three others have been changed to JavaScript and will compile. Of the three, one is failing with the following error: Error evaluating expression for source text: (new SimpleDateFormat($P{DateForm2}).format($P{BegingStringToDate})) This error is presented when the language property is set to javascript. Different errors are presented for the property being set to Groovy or Java. The frustrating part of this is that this is a "standard" expression among reports and is utilized in three (3) other reports which are displaying properly (as noted above). I have evaluated the expression, as I am not a java programmer, using google and the format for the expression appears to be correct. Any help/guidance as to how to correct this and more importantly, what I am missing and can learn from this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. I have a bit of a conundrum. I write reports for a product which we are in the process of upgrading. With the upgrade the software utilizes TOMCAT 8 and I belive Java 8 (I am working to confirm this). This is important because when I try to edit a report for this new version in iReport 5.6.0 I receveve the following error concerning specific elements written by the vendor to suppor Jasper reporting. Error filling print... java.lan.UnsupportedClassVersionError: OHMJRScriptlets/OHMJRptUtilSxcriptlets : Unsupported major.monir version 50.0 null java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: OHMJRScriptlets/OHMJRptUtilScriptlets : Unsupporte Major.minor version 52.0 It is my understanding that Java version 52.0 is Java 7. When I try to load the same report in Jaspersoft Studio 6.2.1 I get a different error: Reason: Errors were encounted when compiling report gexpressions class file: org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed: General error during class generation: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Unable to load class OHMJRScriptlets.OHMRptUtilScriptilets due to missing dependency net/sf.jasperreports/engine/JrScriptlet Exception. I have multiple versions of java (32 bit) on my local machine (64-bit Win 7) running: 1.7 (1.7.0_55)1.8 (1.8.0_40)1.8 (1.8.0_131)Prior to the upgrade, and if i point to the Tomcat 7 installation the reports all worked fine. Pointing to Tomcat 7 is not an option. I will be working with the vendor on this, but I thought I would come to the community to see what I may be missing and if someone may have already corrected this issue. Thank you. MT
  9. Sorry to have been away, I would like to update future readers on what I had to do to fix this. Thank you to Friendly User 387 for pointing me in the right direction. I did tear apart the report by actually creating 5 sepearate reports from the original, leaving the Group Footers and datasets for each one in a singular report until I found the issue. Once found, I put the corrected versions all back into a single report (cut and paste). However... With each test report I adjusted the elements within the frame as I was told in the error reporting from the user software (not the development software--iReport). Once they all worked individually, I cut and pasted them one at a time back to a new repport. However, this is where it got tricky, elements in footers which worked independently broke when added to others which were in place. What it came down to was that the group footer elements all needed the same size settings as others on the report. It was a bit crazy and I am not completely confident that if I edit the report for any reason in the future that the size settings will hold and compile successfully without manipulation. But for now, I have a solution. Thank you all.
  10. Friendly User & dohungnd94, Thank you for your advice. My issue is not in the iReports 5.6.0 interface. It does not show any "out of bound errors" in this particular report. Out of bound errors do show up here normally (i created some just to be sure). Given that, I followed the advice and checked each individual band separately. Again, iReports showed no errors, but the end software (UL's OHM) did throw out of bound errors. For each of these separate band reports I corrected the out of bound errors and successfully loaded the reports. After having a set of successful individual reports I put the (corrected) bands back into a single report and tested as I added each. I got to the last band which contains two (2) lists and it fails. Again, the error is cryptic at best: An unexpected error has occurred. Please make note of this effor and contact technical support Error Messsage: Report desing not valid: 1. Element reaches outside the list contents: x = 0, width = 571, list ocntents widh = 570 repeat up to error 10... Again, I completely understand the error. I go in and correct the element size as needed; save the file; and re-import; only to receive the error again. The frustrating part of this is that I cannot even be sure that iReports is fixing the errors as I make the changes! I have made the same corrections multiple times both within the U/I and directly in the XML (using the internal viewer in the U/I). Where am I going wrong? Thank you for any additional assistance. I can attach the jrxml if that would be at all helpful.
  11. Good Day, I am experiencing an issue where my report is telling me it is not valid when loaded into the software (OHM). I use iReport 5.6 for developent purposes. In the development environment I get no warnings or errors when I am working on or view the report. Only when I try to read/render it in the final software. The error is: Report Design Not Valid, then I proceed to get 10 detail errors. As they are all (almost) exactly the same I will just list one here: 5. Element outside list contents width x=0, width=651, list contents width=569 I understand all of the errors, I realize that they are telling me that in my list element (or more than one) there are internal elements that exceed the width and should be corrected. However, there are some things which do not add up (no pun intended). * I have reviewed the JRXML in both visual mode and xml mode. None of my list elements are 569 in width. * I have reviewed each of the list elements and the internal items in each list element; none of the width values exceed the defined value of the list element * The visual representation of the report does not report any out of bounds errors; this does work as I intentionally created an error to see. I also have table elements, I have looked at these too, but do not see an issue. Could these be the problem? Could it be that I have column widths that exceed the table width? Thank you for you assistance
  12. Is it possible to develop (not run, not preview) a report in "disconnected mode"? I ask this as I am working on a report (cloning) that came with an application. The Application Report writers make (IMHO) an excessive number of calls to external files for programming. This causes a large memory leak to the point where iReports 5.6.0 is unresponsive and I have to close it, or force it closed. After a reboot, I am ok again for a period of time. What I would like to do is make my label changes and rewrite some of the external calls to simple data calls (allowing the work to be done in the SQL Server--ex. Checking for null values, concantenation, etc.). Thank you in advance.
  13. I have a report where I overlay data onto a preprinted form. This is easily done by attaching the form as an image in the background band. However, the new version of this form is 2 pages (front/back). My assumption is that the background cannot handle a two page image. I have read on-line that I could use a sub-report as the "page 2". I have created a second report, I have tried multiple times to bring it in as a sub report but without success. The page two report contains no data. I just want it to print as the report's second page. Both reports render as expected when run independently. I am using iReports 5.6.0. I am sure that I am just missing that "one setting" which is not allowing me to do what I need, but I am currently unable to find it within the community in other Q&As. Thanks for taking a look and providing input. MT.
  14. Good Afternoon, I am working in iReprots 5.6.0. I am creating a report base utilizing a table and would like to build one or more options to hide a series of columns; efectively creating a master report which will allow users to have multiple report views based on a simple parameter selection. In theory, this should work. However, I am having a problem passing a parameter from the main report it the table (where I am would use it to activate the Column Print When property. To be clear. I have created an outer parameter and an inner parameter. I have also successfully mapped the parameters. I know that the mapping is working as I have added a column to my table and placed the parameter within the data row so that I can visually evaluate it--this too, works. However, when I set the Column Print When property as $P{parameter1_1}.equals("y") or even $P{parameter1_1}.equals('y') and then preview the report, I receive the follwing error: Parameter not found: Description: parameter1_1 Object: fx $P{parameter1_1}.equals("y") Thank you for any help you can provide.
  15. I am having an issue with a report parameter. I need a UIControl that will present a text input box for the user to enter data for the parameter. I have a parameter and I have looked on-line (exhaustive I think) on what the UICONTROL property value should be to accomplish this; but to no successful result. I have used NO UICONTROL property as well as trying different variations of the name of the property (similar to CHECK BOX; RADIO BUTTON, etc.) But to no avail. I had this problem in iReport 5.6.0 and my newly installed Jaspersoft Studion Professional 6.1 I woudl greatly appreciate any guidance from the community. Thank you.
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