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  1. Thanks, that's unfortunately the answer I was expecting. I was hoping for a way to have Jasper create it's users in LDAP. Maybe I need to start a different question on how to enable more password rules in Jasper or Spring Security.
  2. Trying to research whether JasperServer can provide the Identity Management capabilities I need. I do not have an LDAP server to test this against (there are multiple groups testing Jasper, but I'm apparently the only one concerned wth Security, so I can't just go and have this server changed for LDAP -- yet). We have an eval copy of Jasper Enterprise, and I like AND need the ability to create Organizations and Administrative users at that Organization level (so customers can admin their own people). But I also need to be able to set password complexity rules, enforce that passwords can't be changed multiple times in a single day, remember the previous 7 passwords, etc. Not sure if the built in Security can provide this, so figuring I may need to look at tying into LDAP. But looking at examples/documentation, I get the feeling that creating users in that LDAP needs to be done externally from Jasper. Is that true?
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