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  1. Ok, sounds like I downloaded the netbeans dependent version. I downloaded the latest version from here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ireport/files/iReport/iReport-4.0.2/ and it worked fine. Ciao Yogan
  2. Hi, trying to install iReport-4.0.2. on Ubuntu 10.10... The install script seems to be /opt/iReport-4.0.2/ireport I get the following error: cat: ./../etc/ireport.sh.clusters: No such file or directory Your user directory (/opt/iReport-4.0.2/bin) cannot reside inside your NetBeans installation directory (/opt/iReport-4.0.2). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The readme.txt mentions:'This is the first release of iReport for NetBeans 6.0.iReport for NetBeans is available as standalone application based on the NetBeans RCP and as plugin for NetBeans IDE.' Is there a dependency on Netbeans? ThanksYogan
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