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  1. Hello - So - I am looking to install the latest ireports onto a ubuntu 64bit 10.04 LTS server. Totally missing the walkthrough install instructions, if they are somewhere at all. If you can point me to those that would be perfect. If there isn't a good resource my real question comes to: 1. ) Download the iReport-3.7.6.tar.gz file download --Done ( just in temporary location ) 2. ) tar -xvzf iReport-3.6.7.tar.gz -- Done ( same folder ) 3. ) moved file to : /opt/iReport-3.6.7 -- Done ------------------------------------------------------------ No problems yet ... right ? Next before I installed or compiled the source code I went ahead and tried to get the correct JDK 4. ) Install Open JDK Development Kit (openjdk-6-jdk) 4.b ) Install Standard Java Development Kit (default-jdk) ------------------------------------------------------------------ No problems yet ... right ? Any special steps to install the JDKs ?? It seemed from the little i was able to find that i needed to go to <ireport dir>/bin/startup.sh - but that isn't in the un tarred file -- as far as I can tell. I am lost what my steps should be or what to do next. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Jeremy PS - let me know if there is anything I need/should provide, as this is my first time posting :) Post Edited by iamhers at 12/29/2010 23:01
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