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  1. If it's running OK and not on Linux, the most common case with upper/lower case problem. Check your cases to make sure they are correct.
  2. Are you calculating sum using jasperreports function or trying to use Excel sum function. I had to create my own patch to use Excel functions when exporting.
  3. Try using JasperReports Server's REST_v2 interface. Base64Encode username and password and put them in http header http://kinjal1:8080/jasperserver-pro/rest_v2/reports/<path to your report>.pdf
  4. >jdbc:tibcosoftware:sqlserver://;databaseName=AbtgSplitte It's because you're trying to connect using Tibco Jaspersoft's JDBC driver instead of MS's JDBC driver. You probably didn't install MS's jdbc driver on your application server lib.
  5. Excel datasource is not supported by JasperReports Server. What I've done is create a servlet to upload Excel data to a database table.
  6. On linux systems, make sure to replace open jdk with Oracle JDK1.7. JasperReports doesn't support 1.8 and I've found there's much less problem using Oracle JDK.
  7. Well, iReport is an open source project. If you are an "actual developer" and strongly feel everybody should be iReports instead of Studio, you're able to support it and make it available to everybody else. For my part, I prefer Studio over iReport because I'm involved in several other open source projects and all the others are using Eclipse. I have to admit NetBeans has some nice features but I'll rather have common interfaces between projects - makes adding features much more easier.
  8. Did you try writing a simple program to output JDK version being used? Also, what is the exact error message?
  9. Did you try previewing using Jaspersoft Studio? Development on iReport has already been stopped. Would also appreciate if you can attach your jrxml source.
  10. Have you tried creating a scriplet with static variable as counter?
  11. GET method is for retrieving data from the server so you won't be able to use GET to create resources in the repository using the GET method.
  12. I'm using Japanese currency and everything works fine. I've just used Unicode characters in my pattern. UMaking your sql complex reduces portability and decrease performance.
  13. There a sample of using Java Bean Collection in demosamplesdatasourcesrc included with the jasperreports file. Look through the source and I think it'll answer your question.
  14. According to JSS Install Guide page 24, the way to increase Tomcat memory size is to modify apache-tomcat/bin/service.bat. This file is called when starting JSS from Start - Start Service but is it called when starting JSS from Windows's Service dialog? I've tried changing the memory size and it doesn't seem like the change takes affect when I view the amount of available memory from Tomcat Management window. I thought the normal way as outlined in Apache document is to use tomcat7w //ES/jasperreportsTomcat Did I make a mistake modifying service.bat file?
  15. [toc on_off::hide=1] 作成:小沢仁 株式会社レジェンド・アプリケーションズ 質問:Jaspersoft Studio 5.5でMySQLからフィールド情報を読み込めない。 回答:バグを修正していないのであれば、現時点(2014年2月1日)では5.2です。JasperReportsの開発者であるTeodor氏も5.5.0にはバグがあるので5.2が一番安定と回答しています。*1 注*1:latest bug free jasperreport version?
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